Under Different Skies

Artist Statement

“What you see is real – but only on the particular level to which you’ve developed your sense of seeing. You can expand your reality by developing new ways of perceiving”.

  -Wynn Bullock                  

We are brought up to believe that we can trust what we see with our own eyes. As such, we rarely think about the limitations of our own vision.

Our natural vision can be extended or improved through instrumentation – from the glasses that correct shortsightedness to the advanced telescopes designed to help us observe the furthest possible reaches of our galaxy and what lies beyond. Yet this instrumentation still has its own inherent limits, and at times, the best it can do is ‘suggest’ rather than represent the full picture.

There are those within the scientific community that postulate that our universe exists within multiple dimensions, leading to the idea of alternate realities sitting alongside our own. As we cannot observe or measure these ideas with the resources we currently have available to us through our senses and technology, they remain firmly within the realms of concept, theory and imagination. Regardless, we feel compelled to search.

I use my camera to find new worlds within the ordinary, to find strange dimensions within common forms, things that cannot be perceived in the same manner with just our natural senses. The content of my images exists, it has not been created, merely ‘captured’. By exploring the details of these commonplace objects, the camera unlocks elements and transforms them into something that cannot be seen without the lens as intermediary.

I am re-imagining the universe, and our place within it, hinting at what lies beyond our normal perceptions. The smallest details within a piece of glass can open up a doorway through which you can conceive the vastness of entire galaxies.

Slideshow first shown as part of the ‘Other Worlds’ Exhibition at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Aldgate, London. 8-16th September 2017. Soundtrack is from the NASA Voyager recordings – Jupiter https://soundcloud.com/jjthc/nasa-voyager-recordings